Monthly Archives: January 2016


Today, I am struggling to do something, anything. I’m restless and unsatisfied because it’s cold, overcast and rainy, which is out of the ordinary for sunny southern California. Maybe not the coolness of the day – it is winter, after all. The rain, welcome in the midst of the drought, leaves me feeling like crawling under the covers with a good book. Or better yet, just pulling the blanket over my head and forgetting the world for a while. You know what I mean; we all have days like this.

There are things I should be doing – closets to clean, people to write, organizing my desk, decluttering a few problem areas in the house, but somehow I can’t seem to muster the energy. Not just to finish those tasks, but to even care about completing them, even though I know this down-in-the dumps pattern always vanishes once the task is complete.

happy-personIt probably isn’t a coincidence I’m feeling this way only a few weeks into the new year.  This year, God is asking me to step up my game. To be fierce, to run boldly into the universe that sometimes feels like it is against me. Not on my power, but through the strength of the Holy Spirit.  God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure. (2 Samuel 22:33) The presence of the living God that lives in us can turn all of us into fierce warriors as we make our way through this broken world.

I hear Him whisper to me, “Life is an adventure. See how I am pointing you towards joy.” Each time I’m tempted to cling to fear rather than fierceness, I can reach hold of God’s hand. He made all of us to be amazing individuals, who learn and create, who give delight and love. We are full of purpose and potential. He filled us with His wonder so we can motivate others during their setbacks.

God taught us to reach out, not pull back. To believe the best about people before assuming the worst. God wants us to freely give grace, realizing how very desperately we need it ourselves. He made us to inspire others by adding kindness to their lives, seeing the beauty in them and emboldening them because of His lavish love for us. God has never intended for us to be victims of the world, but to be doted on by Him.

Today, even though I feel like doing nothing and my heart is still a little off-kilter, I want to tell you: You’re wonderful. You are not alone. God loves you beyond your wildest imaginings.

This year, throw open your heart and live in the fierceness of His love. Live loved by the Creator of the universe Himself. Take a seat at the banquet of His abundance so that you won’t be begging for earthly table scraps.

Live well, live fiercely with God.