Born on a 100 degree day, I’ve learned to embrace life with warmth and intensity. From early on, I’ve enjoyed the wonder of words, making storytelling an integral part of my life. Feeling called to inspire and restore hope, I hope you’ll find God’s beauty in life’s broken moments. Let me offer you encouragement through my words. You can return the favor by cheering me on as I complete my next book, When Darkness Falls, Joy Rises. IMG_7726-1

From cuddling koalas in Australia to swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, I’ve felt the joy of God’s creation. I also enjoy cross-stitch, reading, swimming, singing and staying connected with friends. My latest project is training my mischievous German Shepherd, Lily, as a therapy dog.

All this keeps me so busy I admit to being an unconcerned housekeeper, a marginal cook and a plant killer, but sharing my home with my husband, Richard, is the most fun ever!

You are beloved of God, and I hope we’ll share our faith journeys to honor our redemption in Christ.

I wish we could meet for tea so we could get to know each other better and in our fellowship, worship the One Who Love Us.

But if we can’t have tea together because you are in Virginia or Texas and I’m in Southern California, I think we can settle for this blog as a place to meet.

Keep coming back. I’ll keep writing.

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  1. Deanna

    Hi Myra! I love your stories. Great website. I’ll be sure to check back again soon and I will share it with others as well!

    Sorry again for your loss of your little Rascal dog.

    Love always,


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