Monthly Archives: March 2011

My Tender Heart

It’s raining today.  Not the mild spring showers that make you believe that spring is just around the corner.  No, today the sky opened up with a torrential downpour.  The heavy rain was accompanied by thunder and lighting.  For a moment, the droplets pelted the earth so fast and furious, it was as if God was sobbing…huge racking tears of pain that corresponded with the torrents of water.  It was both frightening to see His majestic power in the force of nature, yet soothing to know He cares so much.

This week, there is much to cry about.  The victims of the tsunami in Japan, those who have fallen in their fight to bring democracy to the Middle East and the brave souls who, at great risk personal risk, are trying to avert a nuclear disaster at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant.

It would be easy, during these times of crisis, for my tender heart to give up on God.  After all, how could He have wiped out the hopes of dreams of so many people in one big wave?  Couldn’t He have protected the plant from damage?  And why allow despots to even get into power?  I wanted to crawl into God’s arms and cry along with Him.  I ache like He must during this sorrow-laden week.

Yet we need to guard our hearts against developing anger towards Him in the midst of our doubts.  Certain attitudes will keep us far from His heart. These include the mind of the proud who wants to know it all; the opinion of the critic who wants to judge it all; the attitude of the narcissist who wants to be it all; the desire of the covetous who wants to have it all.

Instead, despite the grief in the world, let us walk with God as a child…never losing the simplicity of trust and the world of wonder that a child lives in from day to day. Walk with your eyes on your Father—happy in His presence, content in His care, awed by His greatness, delighted by His surprises, secure in His love.

Let your prayer be similar to one spoken by Vance Havner, “Lord, let me never get used to living. Keep afresh in my heart a childlike wonder. Above all, let me never get used to being a Christian. Let me walk with a constant sense of surprise and expectancy. Why should there be a dull moment in the life of a Christian when every hour is a fresh adventure in faith and love?”

God isn’t done with this world, and though more ill will befall it, He will still create unimaginable beauty from the ashes of tragedy. And in the process, He will always turn my tender heart from its hardness.

So as the sky continues to cry God’s tears I pray:  May you never lose the simplicity of trusting His love and the wonder of watching Him work in marvelous ways.