Monthly Archives: November 2010

Electric Blankets

For some unknown reason, my family never used electric blankets when I was a youngster.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that I was introduced to the magic of an electric blanket.  I love their luxuriating warmth on a cold winter’s day; the ability to lose yourself in the tender coziness is almost beyond words.  I inherited my husband’s old electric blanket, well loved when I received it and getting even more loved as time goes on.

When I snuggle deep within the folds of the blanket, I can’t help but think of God’s tender warming touch to my cold, foreboding heart.  When His spirit entered my heart, it changed me offering comfort and contentment – much like my blanket.  Hearing the truth that “God loves me” is like turning the heat on my electric blanket – I feel excitement, anticipation and contentment will soon be coming my way.

Just as I struggle with the cold winters of Chicago, I resist fully understanding the depths of God’s love for me.  I pray consistently that the Holy Spirit will sweep into my soul and reveal to me the greatness, completeness and fullness of God’s love for me.

God’s love is one of the most exciting and life-changing truths I’ll ever know.  I want to wrap myself in the breadth of it.  I want to feel the length of His mercies and the depths of Christ’s sacrifice.  I never want to go anywhere unless I am blanketed in the red hot fire of His love for me.  How could I not love a God who cares for me so deeply?

On those cold, winter nights when I’d rather be lounging on beach than snuggled up in my enchanting blanket, I thank God I’m covered by His love. I nestle safe and secure in the tenderness of such an extraordinary God…one that moved heaven and earth to rescue me from the coldness of my own heart.

Thanksgiving Gratitudes

On this Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for several things:

  • Freedom to worship as I wish and for the glorious Thanksgiving service we attended last night
  • Life, both earthly and eternal, that God has so graciously given me
  • Bountiful tables of tasty food
  • Good health
  • The joy of writing on my computer
  • All the traveling Richard and I have done
  • My wonderful family and friends

Road Noise

Normally, I set the level of my radio in my garage just before I pull out.  While I’m tooling through my subdivision, I can clearly hear the music playing through the speakers.  But as soon as I hit the main highway, and the road noise starts to block out my selection.  Get to the interstate and all of a sudden I find I can’t hear the radio at all.  The road noise had taken over.  It has become the loudest sound in the car – blocking out anything coming from the radio.

Our walk with God is very similar to this.  Life creates a great deal of road noise for us, and we often find we have lost the sweet, small whisper of God in our lives.  The clamor of life picks up as our lives become faster, days are filled with appointments, schedules become unworkable and the general commotion of life reaches a headache producing din.

Is your pace of life creating road noise so high that you can’t hear yourself, much less God?  If so, it is time to quiet your heart.  And what better time to do it than during a day set aside by our forefathers to give thanks to God?  The holiday itself is filled with lots of activities, family traditions, food and football.  But at some point during the day, just sit back and tell God how much you have to be thankful for.  Make sure to quiet your heart so that you truly can “Be still and know that He is God.”

Between now and Christmas, make sure there is ample time to just sit and be with God.  Now is the time to wait on the Lord and have your strength renewed. It is time to hear Him say, “Peace Be still.”

May I pray for you?

Lord, as we in America head toward Thanksgiving, remind us all that You are a great God and we are to be your grateful people.  Help us to see Your blessings in the everyday small things.  Help us to praise You when things seem overwhelming.  Please provide our basic needs and give us faith to be generous. Help us to know you even more deeply as we grow closer to celebrating Your birth.  Amen.