Thanksgiving Gratitudes

On this Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for several things:

  • Freedom to worship as I wish and for the glorious Thanksgiving service we attended last night
  • Life, both earthly and eternal, that God has so graciously given me
  • Bountiful tables of tasty food
  • Good health
  • The joy of writing on my computer
  • All the traveling Richard and I have done
  • My wonderful family and friends

One thought on “Thanksgiving Gratitudes

  1. June

    Amen, our blessings are numerous, our God provides our daily needs. We spent today with our family and four grandchildren, Chloe the youngest said lets write some money, she has just learnt the dollar sign, I asked what we would do with all the money and she said give to the people who doesn;t have any.
    Out of the mouths of babes comes forth words of wisdom, thank you Lord for the insight of this small child, let us all follow her lead. happy thanksgiving to all


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