I was rushed and hurried.  My husband told me he left critical software “somewhere in the house” and I needed to find it. Funny how he misplaced it, but it was my job to find it.  I’d never even seen it, so my job was essentially looking for a needle in a haystack.

After a few hours of organizing, straightening and searching, I was about ready to give up when something told me to look behind the dresser.  And sure enough, there it was.  All wrapped up in its crystal case, somehow the software had fallen between the furniture and the wall.

At the height of my frustration, one thing kept me sane.  I started thinking about the line in a song, “He came to seek and save the lost.” Remembering God is essentially always looking, always searching, always seeking kept me calm.  In the midst of this mundane and maddening task, I thought of God always pursuing those far from Him.  How patient and loving our God is with us.  How frustrating it must be when we turn away from Him.

I wanted so much to find this software and be finished.  Instead, in the midst of this project, God showed up – irresistible and strong.  The significance of a serene God patiently waiting for His children was an inspiration whispering right into my heart.

The mad dash to recover the software showed me His sovereignty, His patience and His love.  The thought of Him searching for me with even more fervor than I searched for the lost things in my life made Him seem absolutely irresistible to me.

Before I accepted Him, He waited patiently on the sidelines, while I fumbled, tumbled and pretty much made a big mess of my life.  That’s generally what happens when we try to rule our lives instead of letting God do it.  Yet, He never gave up on me and continued the search.

A silly, frustrating task brought me to worship.  For God is always with us, throughout our day, whether we are doing something mighty and majestic or something ordinary and frustrating.  Constant opportunities abound to see His love, to deepen your faith or to hold more tightly on to hope.

I encourage you to stop and find God in your mundane, little tasks.  They matter so little when compared with the God you simply could not do “life” without.  Be truly, honestly, painfully thankful for the presence of God in your life. Worship Him for His grace, be thankful for His mercy, marvel in His sovereignty.

Because you and I would be nothing if it were not for Him.

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