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Who am I? I am Accepted

acceptance-clipart-acceptance-clipart-1God will never tell you “You aren’t good enough.” In the moments when we doubt we can take another step, he propels us forward. When we are weak and unsteady, he cheers us on. Not because of who we are, but because of Who he is and his enduring love. God loves you exactly as you are now.

Romans 15:7 tells us, “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” With him, we are accepted; we can’t be shamed and we won’t be defeated. We never have to prove our worth because we already live in the amazing liberty of his authentic love.

As women, we often see ourselves as less than we are. Instead of God’s incredible masterpiece, our critical eyes take over. We berate ourselves and wish we could be like someone else. We see our personal issues and think of ourselves as failures, mistakes or worse.

Yet each one of us plays an exquisite part in the symphony of life making our disapproving opinion of ourselves mute. As Christian women, we possess a divine purpose: to show others who God is through the way we are. The way we live out his love in our hearts will be strikingly different. God made it that way since time began.

We don’t need to look a certain way because we reflect the image of God.  We never need to have it all together. He has already accepted us. This doesn’t mean we will never fail. It means with his grace and strength, we will get up and try again.

God understands we are both beautiful and broken. He affirms and loves us just where we are. All of us are beloved daughters of God, who treasures us beyond belief. He completely understands us and fiercely loves us.

Let’s dare to do the same for ourselves and each other.

Question: How does this truth change the way you think about yourself?

Who am I? I am Welcomed!

The battle to live a rewarding, self-confident life is won by believing the right voice.

welcomeThe world will say you have no value. You are small…that you are the product of other people’s opinions.

But you’re not! You are welcomed! The Most High God, in his love, reached out to welcome you into his kingdom…to make you his child, even before you knew he existed. His son, Jesus Christ, stretched across the chasm of sin to bring us to him.

Which means you are not your mistakes,

You are more than your slip ups,

You are not what others say you are when they whisper about you in cold, callous tones.

God says you are worthy; you are significant.

Romans 5:8 tells us, God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. All you need do is pray to God telling him you want him in your life. His love provides victory.

Even when criticisms disparage, you always remain his daughter,




Cherished and Whole.

You are all that and more.

The Creator of Love sees only the best you, your most beautiful self.

With his strength, you reflect back the glory of God.

And when the world comes crashing down on you, remember God loves you and he will hold on to you no matter what.

Listen to him! Listen to his comforting voice welcoming you into his presence.

Question: How does this truth change the way you think about yourself?

Torment, Torture and Terror

I started envying people who live in grass huts. Everything they own, everything they need in a small, compact place.

Our home’s closing date was looming just as large as the piles of stuff waiting to be sorted, packed or disposed of. When did we acquire so much?

move 001Never did I realize how taxing it would be – emotionally, physically and mentally draining – to pack up a house. Three weeks were filled with torment, torture and terror because it seemed impossible to vacate our home on time. Even a week and a half after the sale, I want to chase the quiet and just relax, but despite having the burden of packing lifted, my to-do list is long. It feels like it is constantly screaming at me, “Keep working. You have too much to do to relax.”

I am tired – down to my bones tired. I wish I could say I am also fine. But I’m not…really.

Life goes that way somehow. One of my greatest talents is organization, but I’m so disorganized right now along with being completely tapped out. I’ve been running on empty for too long.

My ever-growing to-do list probably looks similar to yours. Tell me, do you cross off an activity only to have it replaced with two more things? Somehow, you make a conscious decision to slow down, to enjoy life instead of being project-minded, to linger and enjoy, but then life crashes in and speeds up. In the end, it drags you along – like a raging river, you just can’t control the force.

There is a promise in the Bible I need to hear and believe, even more than I need a really long nap. You might need it also in the beginning of this New Year. Matthew 11:26 – Come to me all you who are weary and heavily burdened and I will give you rest.

I can’t honestly tell you the last time I slept well, but I can tell you I need rest. Come to Me and rest. Oh, how that word delights my soul right now: rest, rest, rest! What a gift from God. When I meditate on that verse, it is if He is standing right next to me saying, “I see you. I know you are tired. I know your body aches from all the work. I know you are trying to give your best to others in the middle of a chaotic time. But it is time to rest in Me.”

God provided so much during that time of hurried packing, cleaning and worrying. One of the greatest gifts was amnesia. No kidding. So many pleasant memories permeated that house. My heart was pained selling it. I dreaded closing day, of walking away from the joyous life lived there. Yet, when that day arrived, when the time came to drive away from the house one last time, I have no memory of it. Seriously!

It sounds silly, but He provided a means to slip away from our home without an emotional upheaval. And once we got to the hotel where we spent the last night in Chicago, there was time to savor the beautiful, crazy, loving memories of that house. God provided. It is what He does…it is what He did…it is who He is.

Just as He did mine, he understands your struggles. He sees you trying to make ends meet, of rising early and working late, of the questions you have – the ones that keep you up at night. He knows when you are scared, unsure and nervous. Still, He is always there beside us. We need only let our roots sink deeper into Him.

“Come to me,” He says.

In the midst of the disorganization, the exhaustion and the uncertainty, I’m resting in Him.

And all I can answer is, “I’m coming.”