A Celebration of a Friend

A very wise man once told me that, when the darkness of grief settles on our life, it is human nature to look for a new beginning where the sun set.  However, if we turn around and face the darkness with courage and conviction, we will see the sun rise sooner and in the most unexpected place!

Thursday, I’m starting a new beginning in my life. I leave for an adventure in California.  Despite my excitement, this season starts with a profound loss.  Friday, I learned a dear friend passed away very unexpectedly.  Home alone when her grief-stricken husband called at 7AM, all throughout the day, I needed a hug –  to feel some of the love that the world would now be missing.

My friend was a force to be reckoned with.  Blessed with the most amazing gift of evangelism, there are probably hundreds of people who are and will be in God’s Kingdom because of her kind, thoughtful and generous evangelistic efforts.

I was a Christ-follower when I met her and throughout our relationship, she insired me.  Whenever possible, I observed her gentle ways.  Oh, how she loved God and His children.  There was no judgment as she reached out to people.  She lived to celebrate God’s presence in people.

There was much for me to learn.  She taught love when she organized countless parties and even a bridal shower for me.  She taught patience when she listened to endless stories from hurting people.  She taught laughter as she shared the joys in her life.  She taught the importance of faith, family and community. Most importantly, she showered everyone with the love of God.

The day after her funeral, as I begin my own adventure of sorts, I will be thinking about my friend.  She is at peace now; her journey completed.  Mine still continues.  But, fortunately, God gave me a friend who showed me the way with clarity, courage and conviction.  I love her and will always miss her dearly.

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