Who Are You?

1who-are-youThe world will say that you aren’t valued. You are small…that you are the product of other people’s opinions.

But you are not!

You are not your mistakes,

You are not your blunders,

You are not what others say you are when they whisper about you in cold, callous tones.

You are worthy,

You are significant,

You are deserving of praise for who you are and what you have done.

You are no longer a slave to your insecurities and how the world discourages you. His perfect love will drown out all your fears and doubts.

You are able to change the world when you reflect back the glory of God.

You are a child of the Most High God.

His son or daughter,




Cherished and Whole.

You are all that and more.

He only sees the best you, your most beautiful you.

Listen to Him! Listen to His comforting voice telling you how much He loves you.

The battle to live a rewarding, self-confident life is won by believing the right voice.

Lord, speak life over me, over my friends. Help us to hear Your inspirational whispers. Let us drink in Your words of encouragement. We need to hear Your voice. Forgive us for letting the other voices rule us. Help us feel Your favor. Help us rest in Your pleasure right now. Amen.

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