Birthday Gift

It shocked me when my husband proclaimed, “I’m going out to purchase your birthday gift.” My birthday was the next day and this shopping should have been done days ago. But that’s not what rocked me. Richard is one of those people who is directionally impaired and shopping that evening meant he’d have to navigate the proclivities of a city he didn’t know. Before he left, I looked up the addresses of several nearby stores on my laptop, but I feared even with the GPS in the car, he’d get lost.

The next evening when I opened up my present, I realized it wasn’t what was underneath the wrappings that spoke love to me as much as Richard going out on his own, on streets unfamiliar to him; traveling in confusing directions, all foreign to him. The real gift wasn’t my present, but the sacrifice Richard had made to give it. The greatest birthday gift my husband gave me this year was becoming the gift himself.

And I wonder how often do I miss the gifts God showers in my path? God can reveal Himself anywhere and that evening, He taught me about love through a shopping trip. What other things was I missing? Blessings are out there every day; more miracles that I miss than the ones I see. For God, every day, every minute is reaching out to me to let me know, “Child, you are loved. I give you My grace, My love every day in a thousand ways.”festive ribbon details with blurred background

The Word is writing Himself into my story through these little miracles. Love is all around us, in simple little acts. Richard dared to travel out despite his fear because he loved greatly. God loves me deeply, so I am grateful for every good thing He brings into my life.

When you are a believer, it is impossible to stop counting your blessings. For God is always sprinkling them on you, gift after gift encircling the moments of your days. Living joyfully means seeing His gifts and always giving thanks for them.

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