ImageTimelessness stared back at me. Rather than being a cruel trickster, visiting the Sonoran Desert compressed civilization into something small and immaterial.  The cactus, shrubs and mountains stood in rugged solidarity; untouched by mankind as I envisioned being one of the first pioneers viewing what is now known as the Valley of the Sun.  My world had not been playing nice lately, but here I could forget my disappointing job search and let this desolate place bring peace. The enduring desert brought an inexplicably settled spirit and an eternal perspective.

I’ve stared into timelessness before.  I’ve endured the bitter barrenness of burying people I loved. I’ve fought the sour battle against biting, chronic pain.  And there are days, I’ve been marked by the pungent cruelness of flawed world.

But no longer would I whine. Staring at the tumbleweeds meant appreciating the permanency of God. The desert’s inhospitableness was a healing place. There I could easily bring to mind when God easily flattened the walls of my problems.  I recalled Who brought me through those times. I am His child!

But more importantly, the vast, unchanging desert reminded me God’s delays are not postponements due to inactivity, but times of training. While we wait, He prepares us for His answer according to His perfect, timeless plan.

Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” I no longer want to waste my life – to feel as if my life is seemingly endless like the panorama before me. I aspire a life of loving with abandon and providing copious mercy anchored in the rock-solid faith of God’s permanency. I crave joy living loudly in my soul. I want to wrench life from every moment I have breath.

I know none of us really knows how much time we have. All my life I’ve wasted minutes…times when I’ve zoned out. I missed out because I’ve given over to fear, self-doubt and sloth.  There is no replacement for those.

But there is a choice going forward.  To rush with trust into the deep, enfolding arms of God. To walk with Him, letting Him fill my days.  To not run away from things that are hard, but sprint towards the appointments God showers along my path.

That’s easy to say when only the tumbleweeds silently reply. But no matter how long the desert of joblessness lasts, I know I have nothing to prove.  For I am already approved by Him.

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