A Cocoon of Love

This week was a difficult, stressful week. After not feeling well for about six months, I had several tests aimed at diagnosing the problem. Between the administration of a test and hearing the results, I’d wonder to myself, “Is this how God is calling me home?” It is not fun spending time pondering your own mortality. I totally agree with Joe Louis, the American athlete, who quipped, “Everyone wants to get to heaven, but no one wants to die to get there.”

gm-monarch-cocoon_24309_600x450But as I journeyed through this thorny week, I looked around and realized how tightly wrapped I was in a cocoon of love and support. The friends who knew about my medical concern spun a soft place for me to rest secured by their prayers, kind words and tender comfort. The Lord reminded me how precious people can be when rough times hit. They walked beside me, held my hand and sometimes just let me be in their presence when I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t find the words to say.

For those of you that held my hand, thank you so very much. It made a tough week more than bearable because I felt safe, cherished in the cocoon of your friendship. Please don’t stop spinning love and encouragement throughout my life and the lives of all those you encounter throughout your day.

As someone who benefitted from love being lavished on her, I’d like to remind everyone: don’t think for a moment your words didn’t matter. They did for me. For anyone who needs comfort – and don’t we all at some point – a text, a call, an email can be so powerful to someone going through a rough time.

We should never underestimate the power of love. We ought not devalue the impact of a word in a difficult season. We should never take too lightly the promise to pray. There is something about a shared burden that just makes it so much lighter.

So this week, write that letter, send that text, make the call to someone who needs a little love. When we model God’s love, we give others His nourishing words of hope and healing, we can positively affect moods, personalities and indeed the very outcome of lives. All we need do is spread a tender word to build a cocoon of love around hurting friend.

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